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[movies](no title) , 1965/02/11
(1) wounded from Pleiku attack arrive back in San Francisco, dependents return (2) Job Corps trainees arrive in Maryland, learn carpentry and welding, learn to drive bulldozer (3) XE-142 vertical takeoff plane tested (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,443
[movies]2nd Atom Sub Sea Wolf Undergoes First Sea Trials, 1957/02/11
(1) Sea Wolf sub power plant may need replacement after shakedown cruise (2) coffee fiesta and parade and beauty pageant and comic bullfight in Colombia (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,145
[movies]5 Nations Seek Balloon Title, 1933/09/04
(1) "Glenview, Illinois: Striking scenes at the Curtiss-Wright-Reynolds Airport as huge gas bags, representing Germany, Poland, Belgium, France and the United States, take off to start the classic James Gordon Bennett Race." (2) Aces's Antics Thrill Throngs - "Chicago: Breath-taking scenes at the International Air Races as Major Ernst Udet, renowned German pilot, performs amazing sky feats high above the heads of huge crowds which tensely watch his remarkable stunts." (some parts silent of this ...
Downloads: 2,153 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]82nd Airborne Parades for GI Victory, 1946/01/14
(1) parade (2) Gen. Ike Honored By Canada (sound of Ike speaking at college in academic robes, received honorary doctorate at Toronto University) (3) Airmen Seek Peacetime Pilot Jobs (sound) (4) Gen. William Donovan decorated by Truman (sound)
Downloads: 1,146
[movies]Nation Pays Tribute To Its Soldiers, 1946/04/08
(1) "Chicago, IL: President Truman leads the nation in stirring Army Day ceremonies, as Americans from coast to coast pay homage to the men and might of their armed forces. The President calls on the nation to be strong and sees hope for world peace. New York: Thousands jam Fifth Avenue as crack troops and snappy cadets parade in the rain in a martial salute to our Army. San Francisco: The men and weapons that helped win World War II are on display as the Golden Gate celebrates Army Day." - soun...
Downloads: 1,905
[movies]Nation's Draft Lottery Held, 1940/10/30
"Washington, DC: Historic scenes as the first peace-time draft in the U.S. gets underway! Secretary of War Stimson draws out the first number, No. 158, and as Pres. Roosevelt broadcasts a message to the country, America's youth prepares to answer the call to arms!" (2) "Philadelphia, PA: Exclusive pictures of the metal drum used as a draft lottery bowl during the Civil War. It was unearthed along with old recruiting posters." (mostly silent except speech sound) (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,876
[movies]NATO War Games. Germany Is Stage For Big Winter Maneuvers, 1961/02/09
NATO maneuvers and war games in West Germany, helicopters land troops, march in snow, Honest John missile fired; tanks fire; drone target plane drops to ground (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 1,975
[movies]Navy Day! 1946/10/21
Officers of tomorrow's navy trained, new radar-controlled glider bomb shown for first time, air-dropped sonar buoy with sub animation, trnsmitted to destroyer for depth charges (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 2,495
[movies]Navy Planes End Distance Hop, 1933/10/16
"San Diego, CA: After a massed formation flight of over 3,000 miles, a squadron of Navy planes, led by Rear Admiral A. W. Johnson and Lieutenant Commander Knefler McGinnis, are seen in spectacular pictures landing at the Naval base here." -no sound
Downloads: 2,175
[movies]Navy Tests Twin Jet Fighter, 1948/11/22
"Patuxent, MD: The Chance Vought XF7U, odd-looking jet fighter plane, goes aloft for spectacular test flights. Swept-back wings and absence of conventional fuselage give the speedy craft a wierd appearance, on the ground and in flight." (no sound) (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 4,784
[movies]Navy's Biggest Airplane, 1946/08/23
"Burbank CA: The wraps are taken off the new Lockheed 'Constitution,' 168-passenger plane built for the Navy and soon ready for test flights. The 92-ton dreadnaight will be able to fly to Tokyo in 19 hours." scenes of the Navy land-based transport airplane. (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 2,881
[movies]Navy's Satellite. Vanguard Fails in Second Launching, 1958/02/06
(1) (poor sound) Navy Vanguard Satellite Fails in Second Launching at night at Cape Canaveral, "cameras record a pinwheel of fire" (2) "Ike Still Has Hope For New Summit Talks" - Ike 2nd press conference of the year, has voice problem (3) Atomic weapons come (4) The End to Korea - Honest John missile and 280mm atomic cannon (5) 10th anniversary of Gandhi assassination in India - Nehru at shrine, at spinning wheel (6) "Austria Wins World Ski Contest" (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 2,154
[movies]Nazi Border Pierced By Allied Might , 1944/12/04
[No audio at all first 3:28. Gamma very erratic at time of film transfer.](1) "British Enter Germany - Geilenkirrhen, pivotal Nazi fortress on the Cologne plain, is besieged by the British. Unending artillery barrages turn most of the town into waste and rubble. When the Allies enter the ruins, they encounter defiant Germans who won't capitulate. But ironically, around the next corner, streams of Nazi prisoners are marched along, and dazed German refugees are leaving for Holland." scenes of tank...
Downloads: 2,709
[movies]Nazi Film Shows V-2 Rocket Test, 1946/05/02
"Nazi Rocket Backfires - Germany: These amazing films, found in Germany, show V-2 rocket launchings against enemy targets. One of the giant missiles backfires and explodes in the launching site, killing scores." - scenes from captured Nazi films. (partial silent newsreel)
Downloads: 8,313 1.50 out of 5 stars1.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Nazi Murder Mills, 1945/04/26
(1) "First actual newsreel pictures of atrocities in Nazi murder camps. Helpless prisoners tortured to death by a bestial enemy...Here Is The Truth" (Real-life horror pictures revealing the unbelievable atrocities committed by the Nazis in their murder camps) Grasleben: Wounded and emaciated Yanks, captured in von Runstedt's bulge attack of last winter, are fed and given medical care by the Yank armies of liberation...
Downloads: 21,064 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
[movies]Nazi War Criminal Sentenced, 1945/10/22
(1) Dachau trial of Strasser; (2) Belgians Riot Over Politics (3) De Gaulle Visits Belgium - drives through Brussels with Prince Regent to royal palace. (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 2,602
[movies]Nazis Face War Crime Evidence, 1945/12/06
(1) Nuremberg trials continue, covered by cameras and press, chart shown of "entire Hitler dynasty" (2) German War Plant Razed - Gen. Truscott oversees blowing up of I.G. Farbin explosives factory. (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 73,841
[movies]Nazis War On Russia, 1941/06/23
(1) German Invasion of Russia - "The war's most amazing about-face! Nazi Germany and Red Russia, partners in crime for the Polish campaign, are engaged in a life-and-death struggle along 2,000 miles of frontier. Millions of men and thousands of tanks and planes lock forces in what may well be the turning point of the war. " scenes include stock pictures of Russian farms, military, tanks, Molotov and Japan sign treaty (some sound) (2) "Washington, DC: The Russian envoy, Ambassador Oumansky, prese...
Downloads: 4,699
[movies]Near East Crisis. Invasions Complete, UN Will Take Over, 1956/11/12
(1) Smoke rises from Port Said that was bombed, vessels sunk in harbor, buildings shot up, streets littered, Anglo-French forces occupy canal, pics of Mideast & Suez (2) "World Protest. Mobs Riot Over Red Hungarian Slaughter" - demonstrations in West Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam (3) plane crashed into TV tower in New York, tower top cut down (4) Veterans Day at Arlington Cemetery, Tomb of Unknown Soldier (5) Navy on alert in San Francisco, carrier USS Yorktown gets planes (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 2,319
[movies]New Aerial Work Horse Wears Skiis, 1957/04/08
Hercules plane equipped with skiis in Minnesota, 4 turboprop engines, lands on snow (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 1,646
[movies]New Airliner, 1946/02/21
Douglas DC-6 luxury airliner tested in Long Beach, interior views for 56 passengers, converted into sleeping compartments for 26 passengers, at 20,000 ft.
Downloads: 2,823 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]New Commander. Gen. Clark Succeeds Ridgway As UN Chief, 1952/05/12
(1) Gen. Clark Succeeds Ridgway As UN Chief in Far East, takes over Korean War and truce talks, 250,000 men under his command (2) first pictures of B-60 bomber, successor to B-36, with 8 jet engines.
Downloads: 1,230
[movies]New Delhi, India, 1959/01/08
New American embassy opens in New Delhi India (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,443
[movies]New Diplomacy. Ike And Khrushchev To Exchange Visits, 1959/08/03
Ike special press conference, reads joint text, that Khrushchev has accepted invitation to visit U.S., and Ike will visit USSR (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 1,049
[movies]New Dirigible on Trial Flights 1933/04/24
Akron, Ohio: Striking views of the official tests of the USS Macon, the largest airship in the world, just completed for the U.S. Navy. She is a sister ship of the wrecked Akron." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration)
Downloads: 3,418
[movies]New Head Of Church Installed, 1947/01/16
(1) Episcopal Bishop Installed - "Washington: Impressive religious scenes mark the installation of the Rev. Henry Knox Sherrill as presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Churches of America. Hundreds attend the impressive rites." Sherrill speaks; (2) March of Dimes - "America falls in stel with the march of Dimes! In Washington, the First Lady and Margaret Truman officially open the drive by placing theirs, and the President's contribution, in the Missouri bottle...
Downloads: 1,624
[movies]New Magellan. 'Triton' Circles World Submerged, 1960/05/12
USS Triton, world's largest nuclear sub, completed its secret mission, helicopter takes Capt. Beach to White House, gets Legion of Merit from Ike, sub returns to New London CT from secret Operation Magellan mission around the world.
Keywords: newsreel
Downloads: 3,761 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]New Mexico, 1961/11/30
at Carlsbad Caverns where nuclear bomb to be exploded, tunnel for Project Knome as prelim for Project Plowshare in future, "a major step in peaceful atomic use" (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,749
[movies]New Missile May Replace Navy's Guns, 1956/04/05
1) USS Boston, first guided missile cruiser (2) tornadoes cause damage in midwest, worst in 36 years (3) robot weather station tested at Naval Research Lab for use in Antarctic, data recorded on tape recorder (4) Olympic equestrian team prepare for Stockholm, horses loaded on plane for 15 hour flight (5) Grace Kelly press conference (6) Exercise Arctic Night at Thule AFB, parachutes land (7) circus opens at Madison Square Garden...
Downloads: 3,323 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]New Moon. Reds Launch First Space Satellite, 1957/10/07
First report of Sputnik - animations of rocket used same animations as done for earlier report on the Vanguard story (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 14,489 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[movies]New York City, 1955/09/05
(1) Car show in NY of idea cars (2) Austria - "hotel on wheels" RV vehicle (3) "French Look" in 1956 styles - Algeria vs. France (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 3,190
[movies]New York City, 1959/08/27
News In Brief - Gertrude Ederle, 33 years ago returned from England having swum the English Channel, New York City's first ticker-tape parade in 1926, setting precedent for Lindbergh next year (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 2,130
[movies]New York World's Fair, 1964/03/02
(1) New York World's Fair, symbolized by Unisphere, many bldgs yet to be completed, theme "peace through understanding" with 58 nations to participate, on same site as 1939 Fair (2) Grauman's Chinese Theater - Haley Mills leaves handprints (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 11,224 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]New York, 1956/06/18
Avery Dulles ordained in New York by Archbishop Spellman, pictured with his father John Foster Dulles and Spellman (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 1,161
[movies]News Highlights of 1960, 1960/12/31
(1) Algeria, South Africa, Congo, Japan riots against mutual defense treaty with America, secret reconaissance of Russia ended with U-2 of Gary Powers; Khrushchev at UN; Castro in Cuba; British Princess Margaret married a commoner; JFk baby; earthquakes; 2 airliners fell on New York City; JFK defeated Nixon (complete newsreel)
Downloads: 4,049
[movies]News Review of 1958

Downloads: 2,677
[movies]Nixon In U.S.S.R. Opening U.S. Fair, Clashes With Mr. K, 1959/07/27
Nixon escorts Khrushchev in Sokolniki park for opening of Moscow Fair, "crackling exchange" finished in front of Ampex tape recorders, "wave bye-bye", clips from debate (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 4,061
[movies]Nixon In U.S.S.R. Views Red A-Ship Parries Hecklers, 1959/07/30
Nixon in Leningrad with Kozlov, handshaking, walking, visited factories, inspection of nuclear icebreaker Lenin, Rickover wanted to see reactors, Nixon with shipyard workers, "one of the most effective moments in Mr. Nixon's remarkable tour of Russia." (partial newsreel).
Downloads: 1,733
[movies]Nixon's Moscow Mission, 1959/07/23
(1) Nixon farewell conference with Ike at White house, to Baltimore Friendship airport with Hyman Rickover, Menshikov says goodbye, Nixon boards plane (2) NS Savannah nuclear ship commissioned, christened by Mamie before 15,000 spectators, cost $41 million (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,773
[movies]Nixon's Triumphal Return, 1959/08/06
Nixon in open car in Poland, a quarter million line the tour route, Nixon's plane arrives in Washington, 4000 throng the airport, Nixon speaks, drives to White House, reports to Ike with Milton (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,319
[movies]Norman Alley's Bombing of USS Panay Special Issue, 1937/12/12
(1) Reel 1 - "Nanking" (2) Reel 2 - "Uncensored!!! Unedited!!! The U.S.S. Panay Bombing in its entirey - exactly as photographed!" (this newsreel special is 22 minutes long, with music and narration)
Downloads: 15,978 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[movies]Northeast Devastated by Floods, 1955/08/22
(1) Floods after hurricane Connie in northeast worst in American history, 35,000 homeless, roads and railroads and communications paralyzed, hundreds of bridges must be replaced, over 200 dead, "the nation has been struck a staggering blow" (2) "1,000 Dead in Moroccan Uprisings" - French troops pour into Algeria and Morocco "as revolt spreads throughout North Africa" (3) Ike golfs with grandson 7-yr old David, also fish (4) small balloon plane (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 1,511
[movies]Noted Speed Pilot Killed, 1934/06/25
"Paterson, LA: James R. Wedell, who set many aviation records, including several astounding racing marks at the Cleveland air shows, dies when his plane, in which he was giving instruction to a student flier, crashes from a 300-foot altitude." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration)
Downloads: 966
[movies]Nuclear Navy. First Polaris A-Sub Sails On Ocean Patrol, 1960/11/17
(1) (poor quality) At Charleston SC, USS George Washington is first Polaris sub, with 16 missiles, prepares for its first operational mission (2) Discoverer 17 satellite launched from Vandenberg, capsule snatched from sky by Flying Boxcar (3) Edwards AFB in California - X-15 dropped from B-52 at 40,000 ft., pilot Scott Crossfield, skid landing
Downloads: 1,661
[movies]Nuremberg War Crimes Trials Open, 1945/11/29
"Historic scene" of trials opening, Robert Jackson speaks, judge asks each defendant to plead either guilty or not guilty. (partial newsreel)
Downloads: 3,848
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